SMART Repair Services

At Paint Pros, we specialize in SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) repair services, providing efficient and effective solutions for a wide range of cosmetic vehicle damage. Whether it's a minor scratch, scuff, or dent, our skilled technicians have the expertise to restore your vehicle to its former glory with precision and care.



Once we have remediated a scratch or scuff, we will repaint the affected bodywork without needing to remove the panel.  more  

Paint Rusting

We will remove paint, treat rust and repaint over the affected area, so it looks like new, and prevent it from spreading.  more  

Alloy Wheel Repair

If your alloy wheels have been scuffed or damaged by a kerb, we will buff away the scratches, and re-polish the wheel too.  more  


By repairing the damage to the bumper directly, without needing to remove it and respray it, we save you time and money.  more  


We can repair small to medium sized dents on vehicle bodywork using SMART technology, restoring its clean lines once more.  more  

Plastic Repair

For scuffs and scratches to plastic trim, we can buff out and recolour the area quickly and efficiently, to a high standard.  more  


We can polish over any scuffs and marks in paintwork, and make sure the vehicle looks ready for sale or show.  more  

Headlight Buffing

If your headlights have become foggy or dull due to exposure to the elements, we are here to help.  more  

Calliper Painting

If you want your brake callipers to catch the eye, we can paint them for you, with a wide range of colours to choose from.  more  

Motorcycle Detailing & Repairs

You can have your motorcycle engine and fuel tank, looking like new, with polishing and coating from Paint Pros.  more