the back plastic bumper of a car being repaired

Plastic trim repair

Don't rely on gaffer tape

For scuffs and scratches to plastic trim, we can buff out and recolour the area quickly and efficiently, to a high standard. In this way your vehicle can look refreshed, saleable, and looked-after, which is absolutely vital for any dealership looking to achieve good sales and turnover.

While such a mark is usually purely aesthetic, the damage it can do to a vehicle's price makes fast and high quality repairs vital. With our mobile repair service, we can remediate any bumper damage and plastic trim damage quickly and effectively.







Cracked or damaged plastic components can detract from your vehicle's appearance and structural integrity. Our plastic repair services address these issues, restoring plastic trim, panels, and other components to as-new condition.

With SMART repair technology, these repairs can be carried out rapidly, and on site if necessary, negating the cost and waiting time of tedious garage repairs. If you prefer you can also drop your car off at our unit on 46a Engine Way, Wakefield, WF4 5NH. Follow the signs for Vulcan Conveyors.