the wheel allows of a car polished and painted in a dark grey colour

Alloy wheel repairs

Making your alloys fresh and new

If your alloy wheels have been scuffed or damaged by a kerb, we will buff away the scratches, and re-polish the wheel too. Most drivers with alloy wheels will be rightly proud of them, and damage to these brings down the whole appearance of the vehicle. We will take great care to make sure the damage is repaired and polished away leaving the alloy wheel or wheels looking shiny and perfect.







There can be many causes of alloy wheel damage, and it is not always careless parking. Debris on the road, potholes, and loose chippings can also cause significant wear and tear to a set of alloy wheels. Private car parks are also dotted with irregular obstacles and road markings, making it difficult for drivers to negotiate without damage.

If your car has scratched, scuffed, or curb-damaged alloy wheels, our alloy wheel repair services can rejuvenate them, leaving them looking as good as new. We use specialised techniques to repair damage and match the finish for a seamless result.