a person using a soft fiber sponge to apply a nano coating to the black paint of a motorcycle

Motorcycle detailing and repairs

Make your bike look great

You can have your motorcycle engine and fuel tank looking like new, with polishing and coating from Paint Pros. We can repair and restore the paintwork, and also provide customised designs and detailing, to give your bike the impactful aesthetic it deserves. Whether you want your bike to look beautiful, distinctive, or imperious, we can come to you and perform mobile motorcycle detailing where you park it, so it can be customised at your convenience.







Motorcycles require special care and attention to keep them looking and performing their best. Our motorcycle detailing and repair services cater to motorcycle enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best for their ride. From paint touch-ups and scratch repairs to full detailing and customisation, we offer comprehensive solutions to keep your motorcycle in top condition.