the before and after of a dent on a car's wheel arch

Dent repairs

Removing dents without the hassle

We can repair small to medium sized dents on vehicle bodywork using SMART technology, restoring its clean lines once more. With SMART repairs, we don't need to remove bodywork and beat it back into shape, and we don't need to respray the whole panel. This makes our dent repair service much cheaper than a standard body shop, and much faster too.

Most minor accident damage can be repaired within a day. We can come to you, and will bring all the equipment needed to restore your vehicle on site. This makes our service more convenient for both commercial and domestic clients.







Most minor bodywork damage is caused by trivial incidents, like shopping trolleys or bumps in car parks. Oftentimes we can live with it until it's time to sell the vehicle, and then it becomes a concern. With us you can say goodbye to unsightly dents and dings with our professional dent repair services. Using specialised tools and techniques, we can remove dents without the need for costly and time-consuming traditional bodywork.